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TikTok Business Center: How To Run Successful Campaigns For Brand Growth

tiktok business center

In recent years, the popularity of the TikTok platform has grown with a powerful marketing strategy. Most businesses use TikTok to create advertising for their products or services among millions of TikTok users. More than an entertainment platform, TikTok has become the place for businesses or brands to make money through advertising.

Handling your business on TikTok is relatively easy because there is a separate TikTok business center to manage the paid campaigns. TikTok business center is a hub that helps brands to manage multiple TikTok ad accounts effectively. With TikTok ads, you can maximize the brand reach and attain growth faster. 

What Does TikTok For Business Mean?

Interestingly, most social media platforms have a separate space for businesses to manage their campaigns and track their success. Meanwhile, in 2020, TikTok also launched a business center for brands to create and monitor ad performance. The TikTok business hub remains the central dashboard to manage ads and is also known as the TikTok ads manager.

If you want to access TikTok for business, create an independent account for business and publish campaigns linking with your TikTok business account. Here are the five easy steps to set up your TikTok account for business:

  • Use your browser to open up your TikTok for business account.
  • Select the ‘Create New’ option available at the top right corner of your page.
  • Use your brand mail id or mobile number to sign up for your TikTok business account.
  • Enter your account information, such as your business name, time, currency, phone number, etc., and click on the Register option.
  • Once registered, move on to the Account settings at the top right corner of your dashboard on the TikTok app.
  • Provide your business information that includes your website, company name, address, state, and postal code.
  • Choose the payment method, whether it is manual or automatic.
  • At last, click the Submit button to review your account, which approves within 24 hours.

What Is TikTok Business Centre? How & When To Use It?

TikTok business center is a tool on TikTok ads manager where you can handle different campaigns and pillar your TikTok marketing efforts to yield the best results. Brands can separate their social media teams by enabling the TikTok business center. It is one of the efficient and effective tools to run a safer brand promotion and permission allocation.

How To Use TikTok Business Centre?

Follow the below engaging steps to create a business center for your TikTok account. 

  • Go to the homepage of TikTok ads manager and click on the Business center icon denoted by a briefcase.
  • Add your brand name and timezone to create and monitor your business center.
  • Include all your TikTok ad account or other users to track the marketing efforts.

Once completing the setting in the TikTok business center, you will automatically become the admin of your account, where you can control all access and permission during collaboration.

When To Use It?

Brands find TikTok business center as the best to manage their campaigns and track their marketing efforts. The ads manager provides a solution to increase your brand popularity, thus enhancing your audience growth. The purposes of using the TikTok business center are:

  • If you have multiple ad accounts, you can easily share and manage the datas.
  • You can add more than one person to manage different campaigns.
  • TikTok allows brands to share ad accounts in bulk with other companies.
  • Provide transparency while collaborating with other accounts.
  • Get data to analyze the performance of different campaigns.

Moreover, brands get huge benefits by managing multiple ad accounts and making it easy to collaborate with other accounts.

How To Create Ads Using TikTok Ads Manager?

After creating your TikTok account for business, focus on setting up the paid campaign to enhance your brand growth on TikTok. There are three different levels of TikTok advertising to be organized in the right way:

  • Campaigns
  • Ad Groups
  • Ads

However, the campaign provides the overall activity, whereas the ad groups and ads are the functions of the campaign. The steps to follow while creating a campaign are:

  • Go to the homepage of your TikTok ads manager and select the campaigns tab.
  • On the campaigns tab, you will find three different objectives to run your ad. They are Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. Choose the one that suits your business goal.
  • Enter a name to the campaign and set a required budget. Remember, the minimum daily budget to run TikTok ads is $50.
  • Once creating a campaign, add the name of your Ad group and select the ad placement where your ad wants to display.
  • Select your target audiences depending on the location, age, interests, gender, and demographics.
  • Set a budget by choosing either a daily or lifetime budget for the ad group.
  • Choose the time to run your ads, whether to run daily or during specific times.
  • Tap on the bidding strategy and click Next.
  • Use the in-app tools in the TikTok ads manager or upload the content from your device.
  • Choose the suitable captions, thumbnails, and CTA buttons to run a successful ad.
  • Monitor the performance of your ad by adding the correct tracking URL and, at last, click Submit.

After creating TikTok ads, it gets approved and published once going under a review.

Types Of Ads On TikTok Ads Manager

There are different ad formats to benefit brands and create higher engagement. Know the functionality of each ad format given below:

  • Image Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Spark Ads

Image Ads:

These ad formats allow static images that are only available for partner platforms of TikTok, such as TopBuzz, Buzzvideo, and Babe.

Video Ads:

The video ads on TikTok are native in nature, with different types like In-Feed, TopView, and Brand Takeovers ads. Let us see the functionality of each video ad type:

  • In-feed Ads: Choosing in-feed ads drives higher engagement for your TikTok account or any landing page. It lasts up to 60 seconds that displays on the For You page between other videos.

  • TopView Ads: It increases the brand reach and audience engagement within 60 seconds. It appears once you open up your FYP.

  • Brand Takeover Ads: It is a full screen ad that appears for five seconds either as GIF, image, or videos as soon as you start your app. It is great for increasing brand awareness.

Spark Ads:

TikTok ads not only allow the original video. You can convert a normal video into an ad using the spark ad feature.

Final Thoughts:

TikTok business center is an online sales hub to drive more target audiences by running successful campaigns. Know your objective and start to create TikTok ads and track the performance under the TikTok business center. Use the above points to know the importance of the TikTok ads manager that helps to grow your business in the right direction.

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